Horseback riding during the Easter holiday with Íshestar!

Are you coming to Iceland during the Easter holidays? If you are then you should definitely join us for Easter horseback riding!

Our tours will be operated all days during the Easter as same as normal and we do offer 1-5 hour tours for all riding levels. If you are a beginner we recommend either our Nature Comfort tour or our Lava tour. The Nature comfort tour is a 1-hour tour for beginners. On that tour, you will go slow and the horse will walk with you through magnificent nature and you can soak in all the beauty at a comfortable pace.

Our Lava tour is for both beginners to experienced riders because the group will be split up into two groups according to riding skills. Lava tour is 1 1/2 – 2 hours long and if you want a faster pace then walking we urge you to go on the experienced group when the group is split up.

For experienced riders who want to ride longer than 2 hours, we recommend our Viking tour or Viking Express. On those tours, we go faster than in the other ones and go different and more difficult paths than on the other tours. You´ll get to experience every gait and learn what the Icelandic horse is all about.

Family adventure is a perfect tour for the whole family. The riding time is 30 minutes and we ensure a safe and comfortable ride. For children under the age of 6 or children who do not want to ride we will lead them by rein in our paddock for a lower price. 

Those who do not want to go riding but want to meet the Icelandic horse, pet him or take pictures we offer the tour Meet the Horse. On this tour, you will learn about the Icelandic horse, the gaits, the history and other facts about this extraordinary creature. After you have interacted a bit with the horse you are welcome to try riding him in our paddock if you are up to it.