Terms and Conditions

The “Company” means Íshestar.

The “Purchaser” means the individual, or a company, who purchases The Product according to the terms and conditions set out herein and/or each participant in the tour.

The “Contract” means the contract according to the terms and conditions set out herein between The Company and The Purchaser for the sale and purchase of The Product. The Contract is binding for both parties when The Purchaser has confirmed an order for The Product and receives the receipt of a payment or order confirmation from The Company.

The “Product” means the product as described in The Purchaser´s order confirmation whose specifications are also described on the website: www.ishestar.is.

The “Purchaser´s order” means an offer from The Purchaser to purchase The Product according to the Terms and Condition set out herein.


Customer Service Department
Our Customer Service Department is available to assist you should a problem arise with your order and/or if you need any further information regarding The Product. Further information about how to contact the Customer Service Department is on The Company´s website, www.ishestar.is or send an e-mail to info@ishestar.is.


Pricing and terms of payment
All of our prices are listed on our website, www.ishestar.is. Our prices include VAT and taxes. The Product and our service are prepaid. Upon a payment, The Purchaser will receive from The Company an order confirmation and a receipt of payment sent according to given contact information by The Purchaser.

In our day tours up to two children or youth may travel with each adult, paying full fare.


Cancellation policy, refund
Our Customer Service Department is available to assist you should a problem arise with your order and/or if the Purchaser wishes to cancel his order. In cases where The Purchaser wishes to make a cancellation regarding his order for a day tour, it is necessary to contact the Customer Service Department, without unreasonable delay.

Reservation can be canceled 24 hours prior to the tour departure with a 10% administration fee. Cancellations for day tours received after 24 hours will be charged full price.

Preliminary groups bookings for day tours can be canceled 72 hours prior to the tour. The cancellation must be sent via e-mail, info@ishestar.is, or The Purchaser can contact our Customer Service Department according to the information on our website, www.ishestar.is. The refund can take up to 10 business days to show on The Purchaser´s bank account.

If the day tour is canceled by The Company, for example, due to bad condition considering the weather or other reasons, the Purchaser will be offered another date for the tour, or The Company will reimburse The Purchaser in full according to his request thereof.


Safety rules, the responsibility of participants etc.
The age limit for all tours is 7 years. Excluded is the Viking tour where the age limit is 12 years old. Due to possible damage to unborn children and the woman herself in case of an accident pregnant women are not permitted to join the riding tours.

People under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs are not permitted on riding tours.

Please note that the weight limit for all tours is 110 kg (240 lbs).

All participants must participate in the riding tour of their own free will and are aware that each trip can involve some danger. It is the responsibility of each rider to assess whether he is physically able to take part in the trip, including getting on and off the horse by his own strength. Each participant is obliged to inform the tour guide of any condition that might affect their ability to participate in the tour. If a group is divided during the ride the parents must stay in the same group as their children.

In order to ensure the security of each participant, every rider agrees to follow safety rules as described in these terms or provided by the employees of The Company. In case of failure in that respect by the participant and/or he gives The Company wrong information, that will entail the loss of rights to make claim against The Company. Each participant shall bear all responsibility for damage caused by him due to his carelessness or failure to follow set/given/published instructions by The Company and its employees. All participants should wear a helmet during the riding tour without any exceptions.

Backpacks or bags cannot be taken on the ride but valuables can be stored in safety boxes at the Riding Centre.


All tours are weather and condition dependent. The Company reserves the rights to alter routes, tours or timetables without prior notice, should the necessity arise. For that reasons The Purchaser is aware of and agrees that the estimated duration of tours as indicated by The Company, both distance in km and/or its duration pr. hour can change for various reasons depending on the conditions and circumstances each time.

The Company shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential or contingent damages. The Company shall have the right to investigate all claims according to its responsibility by law.

No liability is assumed for loss or expenses due to delays or changes of arrival or departures of flights or other services, weather, strike, riot wars, natural disasters or any other unforeseeable causes.


Choice of Law and jurisdiction.
The interpretation and application of The Contract shall be in accordance with Icelandic law. Both parties hereby agree that the only jurisdiction and venue for any dispute with The Company or in any way relating to the use of this website, www.ishestar.is, or to products purchased from The Company is before the district court in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Please visit The Company´s website, www.ishestar.is for further information regarding each day tour available for purchase.


Multi-day tours

 Terms of Booking
A 30% confirmation payment is required upon booking to be able to confirm a seat, regardless of whether you are booking online or via phone or email with us. When we have received the confirmation payment the seat is secure. The remaining balance is due six weeks before the tour starts.

Cancellation terms
A cancellation made by e-mail with more than six weeks’ notice is subject to a cancellation fee amounting to 30% of the tour price.
A cancellation made by e-mail with less than six weeks, but more than three weeks’ notice is subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the tour price.
A cancellation made with less than three weeks’ notice means that the full price is due.
COVID-19 policy: If it is impossible to enter Iceland from your country of residence due to travel restrictions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic at the time of travelling, we offer a rescheduling of the tour free of charge or a full refund.

On our tours we will always follow the official rules in place in Iceland at the time of travelling. Please make yourself familiar with these here: https://www.covid.is/english
Please have in mind, that you are travelling with a group and – especially in the highlands – that you are staying in small and simple huts with shared accommodation.

COVID-19 policy: If it is impossible to enter Iceland from your country of residence due to travel restrictions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic at the time of travelling, we offer a re-scheduling of the tour free of charge or a full refund.

We reserve the right to change the route of the tours if needed based on conditions of the riding trails, critical weather conditions, amount of water in the rivers and other factors that can affect the safety of guests and horses.

On our highland tours (incl. Kjölur, Southern Highlands, Forces of Nature) the luggage is transported with a jeep and a trailer from hut to hut through very rough terrain and with river crossings. We would like to ask our riders to have that in mind when packing their luggage, especially electronics (Camera, Laptop, etc.). We will provide a stable box in the trailer, where these items should be protected, the responsibility to pack those carefully and the risk of accidental damage lies with the rider. Íshestar is not liable or responsible for damages that may occur to luggage or electronics.
For more information please see also our Frequent Asked Questions and/or contact us at ishestar@ishestar.is