Visit our stables

We offer Stable Visits where you can spend time with the horses, without going on a riding tour.  You will learn facts about this unique horse, get a demonstration, pet and groom them, take pictures and can even give riding a try in our closed paddocks or indoor riding hall.


Or you can relax at Ishestar’s Café enjoying a hot or refreshing beverage and a snack right by our horse filled paddocks.


In our small souvenir shops, clients can buy a horse-related souvenir or gift to take back home.


Paddock Ride & Stable Visit


Visit our stables close to Reykjavik; meet and bond with our horses. Perfect for those seeking the magic of the Icelandic horse. Enjoy the horses before taking a ride in our paddocks accompanied by our staff.

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Enjoy the friendly horses at our stables. Ideal for those who want to experience the magic of the Icelandic horse but do not fancy a riding tour. You learn some facts about the horse, pet the horse, see the gaits and take some pictures

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