Multi-Day Horseback riding Tours 2024

Riding the Icleandic Horse in Iceland

A season of discovery and tradition


The preparations for next season are in full swing and most of our 2024 departures up on our website!


We offer a variety of Multi-Day Tours that showcase the natural beauty of Iceland from the back of the Icelandic horse. These tours offer a unique opportunity to experience the unique landscapes of Iceland, from volcanic fields to rhyolite mountains, and participate in traditional Icelandic activities, like horse riding. Riders can choose the tour that best fits their wishes ensuring an unforgettable adventure in Iceland.


Riding the Icleandic Horse in Iceland

We’ve put together a simple overview for each tour, hoping it helps you find the perfect Multi-Day Tour. If you’re curious, please feel free to take a look at our website for more details


Kirkjufell Adventure: A four-day ride in June, exploring colorful volcanoes, hidden waterfalls, and the iconic Mt. Kirkjufell. The journey includes traversing the Berserk lava field​​ and crossing the Snæfellsnes Peninsula.


Hekla Adventure: This five-day tour in June, July, and August. It’s a thrilling ride near the Hekla volcano, through historic lava fields and verdant grasslands fertilized by volcanic ash​​. Riders stay at a beautifully renovated farmhouse.


Forces of Nature: An eight-day ride in July, featuring breathtaking mountain scenery and the black sand desert Mælifellssandur, leading to lava fields from Laki’s craters during the Skaftáreldar eruption​​. We will spend a day close to Eldgja, the biggest volcanic canyon in the world.


Southern Highland Adventure: For a six-day ride in July, this tour explores Iceland’s Southern Highlands along old Viking trails to natural hot springs at Landmannalaugar​​. We also enjoy the great views of Eyjafjallajökull Glacier and Thorsmörk Nature Park.


Landmannalaugar Adventure: Also six days in July, this tour goes along Thjorsá River and Hekla’s lava fields into the Southern Highlands, offering a landscape of rhyolite mountains, river crossings, and a visit to the famous Landmannalaugar hot spring​​.


Volcano Ride Custom: Another three-day custom tour focused on exploring the fresh lava fields and the dynamic landscapes around the Fagradalsfjall volcano​​.


Custom Countryside Ride: This private ride offers a personalized experience while staying in a renovated farmhouse near Hekla volcano, with the option of exploring the Golden Circle and the Waterfalls of the South​​. We customize this multi-day riding tour according to your riding abilities and wishes


Chasing Waterfalls Tour: A five-day ride in June, July, and August, showcasing waterfalls, mountains, caves, and lupins in the Southern Highlands​​. We have a stop close to Keldur, the largest preserved turf farm in South Iceland, that dates back to the 12th century. We will pass an abandoned farm and visit an ancient man-made cave.


Into the Far East: Is a seven-day ride in June into the eastern fjords of Iceland, known for their magical nature and breathtaking views​​. The route is very varied and attractive: on an old postal route, over wide sandy areas and steep mountain passes to the small village Bakkagerdi in Borgarfjördur eystri


Saltvík Comfort: This three-day tour from April to August, combines horse riding and sightseeing in the North, including the black beach, cliffs, Goðafoss waterfall, Ásbyrgi canyon, and whale watching​​.


Horse Round-Up: A five-day ride in September and October, where we join we join the farmers when they drive a herd of 500 young Icelandic horses from the mountains and separate them in the roundups.


Sheep Round-Up: In September, experience the traditional Icelandic sheep gathering on a four-day ride, herding them from the highlands to the lowlands​​. (Dates will be up soon)

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Horseback riding in Icleand. Horses standing by a waterfall