Horseback Riding Journey with Ishestar

Dreaming  of exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland on a horseback? If so, we at Ishestar would love to share our passion for horse riding and the Icelandic horse in Iceland with you.


About us:

Ishestar is a well-known Icelandic Horse tour company that was established in 1982. Since then, Ishestar has held a leading role in horse riding tourism in Iceland. We offer a wide range of horseback riding tours, with durations ranging from 1 hour to 10 days of riding. We divide our tours into Day tours, Multi-Day tours, and Private Tours that can be tailored to fit the specific interests and skill levels of the rider. This diversity ensures a suitable tour for everyone, whether the rider is new to horseback riding or looking for a more challenging experience.

Day Tours:

Located close to Reykjavik in the peaceful town of Hafnafjordur, our Horse Center is the heart of our operations for our Day tours. Amidst the stunning scenery of lava fields, mountains, and lakes, we offer a range of short tours that are perfect if you are looking for a brief yet memorable experience close to the city. We will match you with a horse that suits your experience.

Multy-Day Tours:

For the more adventurous souls, our Multi-Day Tours are a real treat. Imagine spending several days riding through Iceland’s diverse terrains, from deserts to rivers, and valleys to beaches. These tours are suitable for those with some riding experience and a love for the great outdoors.


At Ishestar, we believe that our horses are the real stars. They are not just animals to us; they are part of our family. We take great care of them, ensuring they are happy, healthy, and ready to take you on an adventure. It is also important to us that you feel safe and comfortable, so we provide all the necessary gear, including helmets and weather-appropriate clothing.


Why ride with Ishestar?

Expertise and Experience: Established in 1982, Ishestar has decades of experience in equine tourism, ensuring a high-quality, safe, and enjoyable riding experience for all skill levels. Our guides are skilled riders with a great knowledge of the Icelandic horse and Iceland. Many of them have worked with the company for years, and they are passionate about sharing their knowledge with our guests.


Great variety of Horses: On our Multi-Day tours, our primary concern is to provide each rider with access to a group of up to four horses. This approach ensures that riders have a good selection of horses to choose from, distributing the workload more evenly and ensuring the horses’ well-being during the journey.


Animal welfare: At Ishestar we care deeply about our horses and put great importance on their well-being. We hold a prominent position in the horse-riding industry in Iceland, in terms of dedication to animal welfare.


Sustainability: Ishestar is committed to sustainable and eco-friendly tourism practices. We work to minimize our impact on the environment and support local communities and businesses.


We have been doing this for a long time and have gained a lot of experience along the way. Yet, as we are driven by our passion for the Icelandic horse and nature, every day is a new adventure for us.


So, why not join us for a ride? Whether it is a short ride through the lava fields or a multi-day adventure across Iceland’s stunning landscapes, we promise to make it an experience you will not forget.

Hope to see you soon!

Your friends at Ishestar.


Our Riding Tours:

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Day Tours

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Testimonials from happy passengers:

“It was really great. They have so many horses and they took care in matching riding ability with the right horse. After about 15 minutes of riding the group of about 20 (with four guides) split into two and the more experienced riders could try the Icelandic horse gait of “tölt”. They also showed a video to the group about the basics of riding before we got started. I would go back for sure!”
Barbara K
“I loved every moment of our trip. Fond memories to be had forever more. I wish to return when the kids are older.”
John G
“TRIP OF A LIFETIME!!!! Amazing!!! 8 days of riding. 6 through the highlands and 2 on the coast. The terrain and scenery were breathtaking. They fed us like royalty, the horses were excellent, and the staff was outstanding. They really looked out for us to make sure we had a wonderful experience. I have horses and ride regularly but was still a little concerned about going 8 days straight. (I’m 70), the horses are such a pleasure to ride I had no soreness. That includes my niece who does not get to ride regularly. I’m already thinking about arranging my next Tour. Rode new horses, saw new scenery, and made new friends.”


Betsey S

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