Meet Sykur, the gentle giant who has been a part of our family for over 10 years.  Despite his imposing size and strength, Sykur is a sweet and trustworthy horse.  


When Sykur first arrived, we were a little intimidated by his sheer size. But we soon realized that he was a “gentle giant” who loved nothing more than to be pampered and spoiled by his human companions.  


Sykur has a hearty appetite and occasionally gains a bit of weight. When we tried to put him on a diet, he clearly wasn’t pleased and came up with a creative solution to satisfy his hunger. He laid down and stretched his head under the fence to graze on the grass on the other side. We realized that putting him on a diet was not the best option for him, so we decided to just embrace his love for food and have more of him to adore. 


He is big and he is clever. He always finds a way out of the fence if he wants to. Once he decided to get out of the field the riding school horses were staying at. He was followed by twenty horses, and as soon as they saw our car, they went back inside the fence. Except for Sykur, he was not ashamed at all so we had to go and get him and put him back into the field with the others.  We can never stay mad at him for long – his charm and personality are simply too irresistible! 


Last winter Sykur got lost. He had been on vacation all summer and had become very round in shape.  We were a little worried that he might have rolled into a ditch but wasn’t found anywhere. Few months later out of nowhere he just appeared at the horse farm. We were extremely happy to see him. 


Once, the Game of Thrones casting crew came to see our horses, they were looking for big horses. We brought out Sykur, but they thought he was too small! Doubt they found a bigger horse on the island.   


Sykur has a pink nose and gets sunburned sometimes. Then we put sunscreen on his nose. 😊 


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