This is how we shoe the Icelandic Horse

To shoe, the Icelandic horse can be a bit different than in other countries in Europe. The ground in Iceland does not contain the same bacteria as in the mainlands, therefore it is not necessary to heat the shoe in fire and put it on the hoof of the horse before shoeing it. In Iceland you don´t have to get a degree to learn how to shoe a horse, the knowledge is often passed down from generation to generations but some people choose to master it.

It is necessary to shoe the horses every 6-8 weeks and keep a good eye on the conditions of the hoofs in between. The hoof has the same substance as in human nails and it must be kept well moistured and clean. In the old days when the horses were free, they dissolved the hoofs with normal movements but now when we use the horses to ride them we have to take care of the hoof by trimming, cutting and shoeing them.

It is important to choose shoes in right sizes, not too large nor too small. When shoeing it must be kept in consideration the usage of the horse, choose shoes that help the horses with their gaits and use special shoes for winter time and change them out for summer shoes in spring time. 

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