Riding with Íshestar

Íshestar riding tours are amongst the oldest horse riding operator in Iceland. Íshestar was established in 1982 by three families one of them being Einar Bollason a great rider and horse enthusiast. For the first years, Íshestar only operated multi-day tours but in 2000 the Íshestar horse center opened up in the outskirt of Hafnarfjörður and from there Íshestar has operated their great variety of day-tours ever since. Íshestar loves giving both Icelandic and foreign guests the chance to ride the Icelandic horse and believe that everybody should have the chance to do so. That is why Íshestar offers riding lessons for both adults and children and a whole winter course on how to take care of horses.

What to expect when riding with Íshestar?

When you ride with Íshestar you can suspect number one, two and three safety! The guides at Íshestar are well trained before they start and join first aid classes. They quickly get to know all the horses and to know their characteristics.

You can also expect well cared for horses. Íshestar is proud to be the industry leader in the caretaking and welfare of horses and work actively with the Icelandic food and veterinary authority by improving the procedures and caretaking methods with horses in mind. Íshestar monitors both the physical and psychological health of their horses and follows a strict procedure of resting the horses.

Be prepared to witness stunning nature. Even though Íshestar is only 15 minutes from Reykjavik we see no sign of the city where we ride. We ride through moss-covered lava, through trees up and down hillsides with Helgafell volcano in the eastern horizon and agent volcano formed in an eruption under the ice.

And last but not least you will definitely have a great time! Riding the Icelandic horse in Iceland is the most authentic travel experience you can get and there is hard to explain the feeling of riding this trusty companion through beautiful scenery.