Riding the Icelandic Horse: What to wear?

Like in other sports the outfit for horseback riding is subject to fashion trends. It is, of course, okay to wear whatever you think is comfortable and Íshestar emphasizes to our guests to do so. But it is good to consider few things regarding the clothes, like wearing riding trousers that are flexible and not slippery. It is also good to consider the weather while you are riding and dress in layers so you can take off some clothes if you are warm or put them on if it gets cold. It is also good to wear shoes with a small heel so your feet does not get trapped in the stirrup. You can both wear ankle shoes or high boots or even rubber boots if you are crossing any rivers for example. If you are joining us on a multi-day tours make sure you bring more than one pair of comfortable shoes to change if you get wet like hiking shoes, rubber boots or riding boots. And not but least always wear a good and certified riding helmet while riding! And make sure the helmet fits you perfectly.

Just remember that you need to disinfect all of your riding clothes before you come to Iceland and used leather gear may not be brought into the country. Here you can see how to disinfect your riding clothes before arriving.


We got Magga our Stable manager at Íshestar to try out few outfits for horseback riding. We went to Ástund a known store in Reykjavik for quality riding clothes. Take a look at the video:

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