Riding in Iceland!

On our tours, we take the flock of horses along to either train them to go long distances or to give them a rest during the tour. Usually, our riders change horses once or twice per day and get to try out different horses each day. It depends on how long the riding day is. That means that our riders get to try out several different horses during the riding tour and get the feeling of how to ride the Icelandic horse. By the end of the tour, most riders have picked out their favorite horses which they choose to ride more often 🙂
  • Either stay in front of the herd or behind, not in between the herd. The herd leader will tell you where the horse you are riding should stay. Some horses are good in the front and others are better to ride behind the herd.
  • Keep some distance between you and the herd.
  • The horses get more frisky and spirited when riding with a herd but it is essential to keep calm, don´t scream or make high pitch noises behind the herd.
  • Enjoy the amazing experience!