Snæfellsnes Beach Ride

Boundless Freedom for Horse and Rider

Löngufjörur Beach, a jewel of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in western Iceland, is a stunning testament to the natural beauty of Iceland, with a view of the Snæfellsjökull Glacier, a majestic stratovolcano famous as the setting for Jules Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth." 


This area is distinguished by its expansive wide-open, light-colored sand, where only the tide sets a boundary to the freedom of horse and man. The firm, flat landscape is perfect for experiencing the smoothest gait of the Icelandic Horse, tölt, making it a favorite among riders. 


Led by the legend

This tour honors the enduring legacy of Ólöf and Siggi from Stóri-Kálfalækur.  Siggi, a farmer and guide with over 40 years of experience in operating tours on Löngufjörur, will take us on this remarkable journey.  We extend a special invitation to both experienced and returning riders to join us on this Multi-Day tour

This tour, open for individual bookings, is also part of a larger, Grand Tour leading from the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, through Borgarfjörður past the historical parliament Þingvellir, to the renowned Landsmót, the National Icelandic Horse Competition, which is a significant event in Iceland, showcasing the unique qualities of the Icelandic horse.


More about the Grand Tour Here

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Riding on Löngufjörur in Iceland
Beach ride
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Feel the wind in your hair
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    2 nights - 2 riding days and one day sightseeing


    Advanced riders only


    Dates 2024: June 28th - 30th


    Accommodation in made up beds in shared rooms. Accommodation before and after the ride to be arranged individually.


    Knee-high rubber boots are recommended for this ride. Good to bring headnets.


    Bus transfer from Reykjavík to the farm.

    During the ride full board is provided. Our menu consists of a large breakfast and traditional Icelandic meals (fish or lamb). Vegetarian meals are available on request when booking. All riders make their own packed lunch from the breakfast table.

    Alcoholic beverages are not included in the tour price and are hard to get in the highlands. They can be bought at a reasonable price in the Duty Free Store at Keflavik Airport upon arrival.

    Rain wear, water bottle, saddle bag, riding helmet.


    Individual travel insurance is not included in the tour price. We encourage clients to obtain relevant travel insurance before visiting Iceland.

    Flight to and from Iceland is not included


    Day 1: 28/6 
    Reykjavik to Stóri Kálfalækur, Dalur, and Kolviðarnes


    The journey begins with a around 12:30 pm pickup in Reykjavik, followed by a bus ride to Stóri Kálfalækur. Over there we have lunch, get acquainted, and prepare our tack for the ride of the day. Once ready, we will set off to meet our horses, who have been enjoying a rest in a nearby field.  Our ride takes us through lava fields and sparse vegetation to the striking yellow sand beaches, where the rhythmic tölt of our horses blends with the sound of waves.  We continue our ride in the fjords making our way to the picturesque stop, Kolviðarnes, where the horses rest overnight, while we return to Stóri Kálfalækur farm

    Riding Distance: Approximately 30 kilometers.



    Day 2: 29/6

    Kolviðarnes-Stóri Kálfalækur


    Today's journey is intricately tied to the rhythms of the tide as we begin by navigating the Haffjarðará. This stream, under the influence of the tide, oscillates between a tranquil crossing and a formidable river. Guided by Siggi's deep understanding of the area, we will traverse the stream safely at the opportune moment. Our path then leads us along the edge of the Eldborg volcano's expansive lava field. As we venture further into the serene fjords, the retreating tide sculpts an ever-evolving landscape of small streams and inlets. Watch closely for eagles soaring above, scouting for fish left behind by the receding waters.

    Our day's ride culminates with a return to Stóri Kálfalækur. The evening promises a delightful closure to our journey, marked by a final dinner together. We will  enjoy an evening filled with the warmth of great company.


    Riding Distance: Approximately 35-40 kilometers.


    Day 3: 30/6


    Sightseeing in Snæfellsnes Peninsula


    Our third day is a scenic excursion to the beautiful Snæfellsnes Peninsula. We will pack up in the morning and head towards Ólafsvik, where we embark on an exciting  whale watching tour, a unique opportunity to see these magnificent creatures up close. This day provides a well-deserved break from horseback riding, allowing those continuing on the Grand-Tour to explore and relax. Also a perfect way to end a special adventure for those who are heading home after the tour.


    Return to Reykjavik in the evening


    – We reserve the right to alter the itinerary if necessary –

    Airport Transfer

    We recommend you to book with Airport direct, as they have the most frequent departures.

    Keflavik - Reykjavik (Bus hostel)

    Reykjavik (Bus hostel) - Keflavik


    Terms & Conditions:
    If you book online you will be asked to pay the full amount. Please contact us for different payment options.

    Íshestar reserves the right to alter routes, itineraries or timetables without prior notice, should the necessity arise. No liability is accepted for loss or expenses due to delays or changes of arrival or departures of flights or other services, injury, sickness, accident, strikes, damage, negligence, weather, wars or other causes outside the control of Íshestar. All such losses and expenses are the personal liability of the traveler. The estimated duration of tours as indicated by km or timing can change according to road or weather conditions.

    For more information please see also our Frequent Asked Questions and/or contact us at

    Stóri Kálfalækur Farm


    Stóri-Kálfalækur Farm, the home of our farmers Siggi and Ólöf is situated in rich farmland close to the ocean and the wonderful beaches of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. It’s a renovated farmhouse with a sleeping up to 20 persons so it’s plenty of space for everybody. Large kitchen and a spacious dining room. Together with the well-known hospitality of your hosts this will make an excellent place to stay.
    • Number of rooms:  8 (2-4 bedded)
    • Number of beds:  20
    • Outdoor jacuzzi:  Yes
    • Number of showers:  5
    • GSM connection:  Yes, but not good
    • WiFi: No
    • Made up beds: Yes
    • Number of WC:  5