Kiddi -A life full of Horses

Kiddi and Birna - Goshestar

⁣Because he is coming from a horse family, Kiddi has been riding all his life, at least as long as he remembers. This family tradition continues: all of Kiddi‘s and Birna‘s six kids have been on horseback before they could walk. Three of their kids are still living on the farm, helping out with the horses, competing so that the next generation will be ready to take over one day.⁣⁣
Horses are not just a hobby for Kiddi and his family, they are their livestock – and their life: They breed, train and sell horses. Kiddi laughed when asked how many horses they had: ‘Something between 100 and 200 horses. They come and go.’ There is a constant fluctuation, depending on how many they are selling. Many of their horses are sold abroad, mostly to Germany, Denmark or Sweden. So their daily life revolves around the horses: breed – train – sell – repeat. Asked if he ever got tired of riding, he gets serious. ‘No, never. I just had a surgery on my shoulder, so I’m not allowed on the horseback for 6 weeks. This is probably the longest period that I ever spent not riding.⁣

He will not get bored though; because it’s Iceland, they are not only doing just one single thing. They also breed and train sheep dogs. For that purpose they also have twenty-something sheep on their farm.⁣

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