Embrace the Icelandic Spirit


A Gift of an Unforgettable Horseback Ride!


Ishestar offers an exceptional gift card experience with both Day tours and Multi-Day tours, a perfect blend of nature and the unique Icelandic horse.  The Day tours are great for both beginners and experienced riders, taking you through beautiful landscapes, including woodlands and lava fields. The rides last about 1.5 to 4 hours. At the start of each Day tour, groups are divided based on riding skills to ensure everyone enjoys the ride at their own pace. The slower group mostly walks, while the faster one experiences trotting, tölt, and walking. After a delightful ride, guests are welcomed with coffee, tea, or hot cocoa in Ishestar’s cozy café.


Multi-Day rides: Ideal for the more adventurous and experienced riders, Ishestar’s longer trail rides are multi-day excursions that delve deep into the heart of Iceland’s stunning wilderness. These rides cover diverse terrains, from rugged mountains to enchanting black sand deserts and vibrant rhyolite mountains, providing an immersive experience of the raw and captivating landscapes of Iceland. They offer a perfect blend of adventure, natural beauty, and cultural exploration.


Looking for something different? – Private Riding Experiences


We offer private tours from just one hour to multiple days, from a single person to a family or a bigger group of friends.


Included in the tours are a helmet, boots, rainwear or snowsuit, and guided assistance.


Please note:


-To order, email erla@ishestar.is


-The electronic gift card will be emailed to the purchaser


-To book, forward the gift card to info@ishestar.is with a preferred date


-Please call 5557000 for more information.


-Valid from the date published, for a year.


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