Winter horseback riding with Ishestar

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Íshestar offers 1-5 hour day tours all year long and the winter is no exception to that. Winter horseback riding is so much fun and very different from summer riding. We operate our day tours in Reykjavik area from our Horse Center and when there is snow all over its like a magical winter wonderland all around our  Horse Center. Click here to see the options of tours for winter horseback riding.

Take a look at the video and see the winter wonderland we ride in!

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A little bit about the Icelandic horse in the winter time.

The Icelandic horse has adapted well to the cold and rough weather over the centuries. They grow thicker coat during the winter time and get a bit fatter as well to survive the winter. The coat protects them from getting wet and cold. In big snow storms, the horses usually stand very still as they have learned through the centuries that it made them burn fewer calories and protects them from the storm.

The breed got really strong through the centuries due to harsh weather conditions and rough terrain. When the climate was not favorable during the winters the horses had to fend for themselves so only the strongest horses survived the winter and shaped the breed into what it is today. Riding horses were usually cared for during winters and used for winter horseback riding but it was not until late in the 20th centuries that people started to feeding and caring for herds that stayed outside during winter time.

It is fun to try out the Icelandic horse that the harsh winters have shaped so much and see how sure-footed and strong they are in the snow. And it does not hurt that the landscape is so beautiful with the white winter coat on.