Facts about Ishestar

Ishestar is a well-known Icelandic horse tour company that has been in operation since
1982. We offer a variety of guided tours on Icelandic horses, ranging from a few hours to
several days, in different parts of Iceland.


Here are a few things to know about our company Ishestar:


Tour options: We offer a range of horse tour options, including day tours, multi-day
tours, and even custom tours that can be tailored to fit specific interests and skill
levels of the rider.


Experienced guides: Our guides are experienced riders with a
deep knowledge of Icelandic horses and our country. Many of
them have worked with the company for years, and they are passionate about
sharing their love of horses and Iceland with visitors.


Sustainability: Ishestar is committed to sustainable and eco-friendly tourism
practices. They work to minimize their impact on the environment and support local
communities and businesses.


Horse welfare: Ishestar is dedicated to the welfare of their horses and takes great
care in selecting and training them for their tours. The company has a veterinary
team that regularly checks the horses and provides care when needed.


Awards and recognition: Ishestar has received several awards and recognitions for
their horse tours, including the TripAdvisor of Excellence.


We offer a range of tours for visitors of all levels and interests. With our commitment to
sustainability and horse welfare, we provide a safe and enjoyable way to experience
stunning natural beauty of Iceland on horseback.


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