What to pack for a multi-day Tour in Iceland?

Going on a multi-day riding tour in Iceland can be an exciting and unforgettable experience, but it is important to be well-prepared for the adventurous weather that can change every hour.

Here are the top ten travel essentials to pack for your trip:


Warm Clothing: The weather can be unpredictable, so it is important to pack warm clothing that can handle all types of weather conditions. A waterproof jacket, thermal layers, woolen socks, warm hat, gloves, and preferably long underwear are all necessary items.

Riding Gear: Make sure to bring comfortable riding pants, riding boots and long boots for river crossings. Ishestar will provide you with rain gear, helmets and saddlebags to carry snacks and some of your personal belongings while riding.

Camera/Phone: Iceland is a stunning country with breathtaking scenery. It is good to have your phone in a phone case with a strap if you plan to take a lot of pictures while riding, same with the camera.

Personal Items: Bring any personal items you may need such as medication, sleeping mask, toiletries, Band-aids and second skin plasters for chafing.

Towel and a swimsuit: You might jump into a river, hot spring, or a swimming pool on the way.

Comfortable clothes: for the evenings in the cabin, as well as slippers.

Insect repellent, gnat net headcover.

Sunscreen for lips and face: with UV protection.

Power Bank: A power bank is useful to charge your phone or camera on the go.

Chocolate or energy bars: For strenuous (and fun) riding days.


Used riding gloves, whips, saddles, bridles, chaps and other used leather gear may not be brought into Iceland. All used riding gear must be disinfected before arrival in Iceland because infectious diseases can easily be brought into the country. These precautions are necessary because there are no contagious animal diseases in Iceland. Horses are not vaccinated and are therefore susceptible to infectious agents from abroad. Riding wear is normally washed, helmets and security vests are cleaned with Virkon S.  



Use travel bags rather than suitcases, as the luggage is going to be transported by a utility vehicle. Pack wisely, as the space in the vehicle is limited.  Also keep in mind that your luggage could get wet if the vehicle has to cross deep rivers.


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