Saltvík Family

Riding Iceland tours are designed to follow the ancient riding trails that have served people travelling across the country ever since the settlements of Iceland. Experienced guides, excellent horses and care for each individual guest are our commitments and pride.

Important factor on our tours are the bonds formed with the horses and forever friendships made between fellow riders. Travelling together through often challenging Icelandic nature and experiencing all the wonders of a Riding Iceland Tour is a lifetime experience.

Home Base of Riding Iceland is at Saltvík farm in north Iceland. At Saltvík farm Riding Iceland’s trail horses live outside in a big herd during the winter and most of our northern trails are starting and ending at the farm.

The dedicated and experienced Riding Iceland team is ready to give you a warm welcome to Iceland and our tours.

Our ‘agents’ are good friends with a lot of knowledge about our tours because they’re all riding with us for many years already and are coming back to join us as wranglers as often as possible. All do of course speak English, as well as the language of the country they are from.



They are running the following tours

Saltvik Comfort

Horse Round Up