Day tours in Reykjavik area

Our Day tours are operated from íshestar Stables in Reykjavik area. Even though our Stables are close to Reykjavik we are situated in beautiful landscape where there is no sign of the capital or the nearest town Hafnarfjörður. The Stables are surrounded by geological wonders and amazing sites. ⁣

This summer we have about 130 horses in our Stables and on the fields around, all waiting to give you the opportunity to experience the Icelandic horse. Like us they get days off and go on a summer vacation. We are an industry leader when it comes to treatment of the Icelandic horse and we actively work with the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority to improve our care taking of the horses. We even published a handbook where our procedures are available to fellow horse riding tour operators.

You can book your day tour here.

If you need something to do in Reykjavik then you should definitely come visit us in our Stables and ride the Icelandic horse in its natural surrounding. We offer free pick up service from your hotel in Reykjavik and the drive takes about 15-20 minutes.⁣

The environment around Íshestar Stables is amazing and very diverse. Now in the summer time we have a large amount of beautifully purple Lupines all around but during the winter time the black lava takes over the overall image of the area. The lava originally spewed from the crater Búrfell which is part of Krísuvík Volcano.  You can ride through this area on our new tour Krísuvík-Kleifarvatn next fall.⁣

One route from our Stables lies around the majestic mountain Helgafell, ok its only 338m high but it is very beautiful and a geologically interesting. The mountain formed when there was eruption under glacier so the lava turned into hard tuff. We also ride to the beautiful nature reserve Heiðmörk with more than four million trees planted. This place is also a great place for bird lovers. ⁣

Near Helgarfell mountain is Kaldársel named after Kaldá river.  Káldá river is a spring river and its source is in Káldárbotn north of Helgarfell. The water level depends on precipitation and we often cross this river in our day tours if we ride this route.⁣

On all of our day tours we ride through excellent riding paths and in beautiful nature and you will definitely get the picture of what Iceland is all about even if you are only in Reykjavik for a stop over.