If you want a full day of activities then we know a perfect way for you to spend your day! We do have two great tours that combine horse riding with popular activities in Iceland: Whale watching and caving. These exciting tours are perfect for those who want to get the most out of their time in Iceland or are staying a short amount of time in Iceland.

Horses & Whales

On this tour, you will first enjoy the Icelandic horse on excellent riding paths near our horse center. The riding tour is about 1 ½ hour and our excellent guides will lead you through moss-covered lava and beautiful scenery. To start with a riding tour is an excellent way to get in touch with nature before heading out to sea to see the giant creatures that live there.

We partner with the original whale watching company in Iceland name Elding. The tour starts at the harbor in Reykjavik city center and from there we head out to observe the incredible whales and dolphins in their natural environment if we are lucky, but as in all wildlife excursions, it is not possible to guarantee that a whale will show up. If not you will get a return ticket for free to go on the whale watching another day. You can book the tour here

The Black Lava Tour

We start with an adventurous riding tour towards Mt. Helgafell volcano through lava fields and to Kaldársel across hillsides to Lake Hvaleyravatn. On the way, we explore the agent lava that formed in an eruption many ages ago. 

After the riding tour, we explore more lava by immersing into the lava cave named Leiðarendi. The cave is, in fact, two caves that were formed by two separate eruptions one and two thousand years ago. It is about 900 meters long. The name of the cave means the end of the road and is a popular cave because he is so accessible being only 30 minutes from Reykjavik and easy to walk in. You can book the tour here.