Christmas horseback riding tour with Íshestar

Are you in Iceland during the Christmas season? Then you should definitely go horseback riding!

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Our 1-5 hour day tours are operated every day during the holidays and we offer a cozy Christmas atmosphere in our Horse Center in Hafnarfjörður. We are situated only 15 minutes from Reykjavik in a beautiful winter wonderland with no sign of the city being so close. We provide warm overalls and pick up from all pickup points in Reykjavik area. After the tour, you can enjoy a hot coffee, cocoa or tea and warm up if the Icelandic horse hasn´t melted your heart already, which we are sure he will 🙂

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The Icelandic horse a connection with Icelandic culture!

If you want to experience something that connects you to the Icelandic culture then the Icelandic horse will bring you right in the middle. The Icelandic horse has been part of the Icelandic heritage since the beginning of Iceland when the settlers brought horses to the island. The settlers carefully selected their best horses to bring to Iceland and the breed has remained pure ever since. Natural selection has shaped the horse into what it is today. Small and strong, surefooted, kind and with big personalities.

Horseback riding to Christmas mass

The settlers relied very much on the Icelandic horses and the horses became important for transport both for men and to carry objects since there were only a few farms in Iceland in the old days with a great distance between them. It is safe to say that without the Icelandic horse, Iceland would have been unhabitable because people would not have been able to connect to each other due to the long distance between farms.

After the Icelandic people started to change religion from pagan to Christianity and started to attend to church, the Icelandic horse was able to bring people together to the church from long distances. The Christmas mass was no exception to that. Even today in some parts of Iceland the Icelanders still ride their horses to mass.

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