Autumn riding with Íshestar

What does the autumn and the Icelandic horse have in common?

Íshestar´s Horse Center is situated in a beautiful nature only 15 minutes from Reykjavik. The nature surrounding the center consists of Lava fields, trees, rocks, lakes, mountains and excellent riding paths that lead you through the magnificent scenery. 

Each season has its own charm! Spring where nature comes to life, the summer where everything turns green, the wonderland of winter, and autumn where you can see the most beautiful colors in nature, yellow, red and brown. Even though every season is beautiful it’s really a breathtaking experience to witness the autumn colors right before everything turns white.

Take a look at this fun video below of our Viking tour, riding around Mt Helgarfell and see the stunning autumn colors surrounding our Horse Center:

The answer is: Beautiful colors 😉