Angelika and Þorsteinn from Geirastaðir

Since her childhood Angelika was always very interested in animals, especially in horses, so she started horseriding at a very young age. Ever since then she gained a lot of experience with hundreds of horses (mainly on Icelandic horses), regularly attended courses and trainings, and gained experience in multiple directions. Since 1991 she visited Iceland regularly and worked there in farming and horse training on different farms.

Þorsteinn has „retired“ in the meantime from his job as a teacher and ever since then works as a full-time farmer in Geirastaðir. He is very interested and talented in repairing old cars and machines so they can be used again, which is why there are quite a lot of such old cars and machines on the farm :).
Þorsteinn spent all the summers of his childhood on farms and took up horse-riding again about 30 years ago, which also meant to keep horses himself and breed them.
2003 his long-cherished dream of his own farm came true by buying the farm Geirastaðir.

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