Where Does The Icelandic Horse Come From?

Where does the Icelandic horse come from?

Where does the Icelandic horse come from? The Icelandic horse has remained pure for centuries since the Nordic Vikings brought him to the country. The Icelandic horse is therefore amongst the purest breeds in the world. The Icelandic horse is…

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Characteristics Of The Icelandic Horse

Characteristics of the Icelandic horse

The Icelandic horse is known for being a very friendly breed. They are very smart with big personalities. The horses are rather small and strong but please be aware of this: Do not call them ponies because they get really…

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The Color Of The Icelandic Horse

The color of the Icelandic Horse

One of the features of the Icelandic horse which makes it so unique is the variety of colors. Colors are not as important for breeders as they are in many other countries. And that is because you do not ride…

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