Riding In Iceland

Here is a sneak a peek of our new tour next fall! Íshestar will offer 2-3 days riding tour on the magnificent Reykjanes Peninsula from the Stables in Reykjavik area.

Reykjanes peninsula is known for its geothermal and volcanic active areas. The ride will lead us to the most beautiful places on this area. One is Kleifarvatn lake. Kleifarvatn is in the middle of the peninsula. It is one of the largest lakes in south Iceland about 10km2 and 97m deep. No visible water runs out of the lake and the water level can be different from year to year due to the groundwater surface which depends on precipitation. An old folkstale states that there is a horrbile monster in the lake, a black worm, but no one has seen it yet because of how deep the lake is. Some geothermal activity is on the south side of the lake.

Krýsuvík is south west of Kleifarvatn lake. This area is a major geothermal zone. The most powerful geyser is Austurengjahver. This geyser was quite small but changed in an earthquake in 1924 into a large mud pool. On this geothermal area are many colorful explosion crater lakes and the largest is Grænavatn lake full with thermal algae which makes the lake beautifully green.

Krýsuvíkurberg is the largest bird cliff on the peninsula. The cliff arises above sea level from the Krýsuvíkur lava. There have been counted about 100.000 seabirds and it is amazing sight to see them all on this lively cliff. On the top of the cliff is a small and mysterious lighthouse from 1965.

We are very excited to offer our riders the opportunity to explore this amazing area while riding the Icelandic horse which is of course the most authentic way to travel in Iceland.