Horseback Riding In The Secret Valley

Horseback Riding in the Secret Valley

Riding tour with the local horse farmer which has a passion for horses and locally produced food and would love to share his passion exclusively with you.
Lava Tour

Lava tour

This tour is the ideal way to experience the Icelandic horse surrounded by beautiful nature. Riding time is 1 1/2 -2 hours. This tour is perfect for both beginners as well as more experienced riders.
Viking Tour

Viking Tour

For experienced riders, it is hard to find a better way to experience the Icelandic horse in its natural surroundings. Cross Kaldá river, explore Heiðmörk nature park or Mt. Helgafell while trying the unique tölt riding style all within one day. Riding time is 4 1/2 - 5 hours.
Viking Express

Viking Express

A shorter version of our popular Viking tour the Express day-tour offers experienced riders a unique opportunity to see the versatility of the Icelandic horse in breathtaking nature. Join our trained guides for an exciting ride at Heiðmörk nature park. Riding time is 2 1/2 hours.
Nature Comfort

Nature comfort

This 1 hours riding tour is ideal for beginners who want to enjoy unspoiled nature while riding the amazing Icelandic horse.
Meet The Horse

Meet the Horse

Enjoy the friendly horses at our stables. Ideal for those who want to experience the magic of the Icelandic horse but do not fancy a riding tour. You learn some facts about the horse, pet the horse, see the gaits and take some pictures
Private Tours

Private tours

Enjoy riding the Icelandic horse in a private and personal riding tour in stunning nature only 20 minutes from Reykjavik.
Family Adventure

Family Adventure

The perfect experience for the whole family! See and experience the Icelandic horse with specially selected horses, under trained guidance – ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience for even the youngest family members. Riding time is 30 minutes.
Horses And Whales

Horses and Whales

Ideal tour for those who would like to explore Icelandic most amazing creatures! The Icelandic horse in its natural surrounding and whales by boat on Faxaflói bay
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