Horseback Riding In Iceland

Since 1982 we have cooperated with farmers all over Iceland on our multi-day tours; the real connoisseurs of the local terrain and history. That way we make sure that each trip has its own charm and is organized by a local expert, the farmer and his or her family. They use their own horses and ride through country they know like the back of their hand.

One of our horseback riding tour in the north is Trail of Hope. The ride starts at Hvammur Farm in Vatnsdalur valley. The farmers name is Haukur Suska who is also a guide on this tour. He has been operating this tour for many years now. The ride will lead us to the Lagoon Hóp which is about 29km2 and about 1 meter deep. You can sense the adrenaline kick as you will ride across the waters of Lagoon, driving a herd of free-running horses ahead of you. Haukur will introduce you to the ancient Sagas in this area while you ride through the unspoiled nature.

Iceland horseback riding tours
Horseback riding in iceland

Another riding tour in the North-East Iceland is our very popular tour Northern Exposure. The farmers names are Halldór and Elín and the farms name were the tour starts name is Bjarnastaðir.

Our tour goes to the Lake Mývatn area, famous for its volcanic features and rich bird life. Ásbyrgi Canyon, Dettifoss, Europe’s largest waterfall, and the strange rock formations at Hljóðaklettar are just some of the gems of nature you´ll be  able to see on this amazing tour.

Íshestar offers many round up riding tours as well both Horse round up with Haukur and then Sheep Round up tours with Halldór and Elín.

Security, quality and personal service has always been our trademark and with a good selection of fine horses we are able to offer a broad range of riding tours for experienced riders and beginners alike.

Since each rider on the longer tours has to change horses at least once a day we run a herd of free horses with us, Icelandic style. We are proud to follow this tradition on most of our multi-day tours riding through the highlands, across lava fields, over rivers and through bushy vegetation.

You can book your dream riding tour in northern part of Iceland here.

Iceland horseback riding tours