More About The Icelandic Horse

More about the Icelandic Horse

The Icelandic horses were brought to Iceland by the first Viking settlers during the years 874 - 930. Their boats were small, and only a few horses, the very best, were brought along. At an early stage, import of farm animals…

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Day Tours In Reykjavik Area

Day tours in Reykjavik area

Our Day tours are operated from íshestar Stables in Reykjavik area. Even though our Stables are close to Reykjavik we are situated in beautiful landscape where there is no sign of the capital or the nearest town Hafnarfjörður. The Stables are…

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Icelandic Horse

Icelandic horse

The history of the Icelandic Horse can be traced right back to the settlement of the country in the late 9th century. Viking settlers brought with them their best horses, from various origins, though mostly of Germanic descent. The breed…

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