Guesthouse Hof

Number of rooms: 2 summer cottages, each for 10 persons in 2 rooms
Number of beds: 20
Outdoor jacuzzi: Yes
Number of showers: 2 (one per cottage)
GSM connection : Yes
WiFi: No
Made up beds: No
Number of WC: 2 (each per cottage)

Website Hof:
PLEASE NOTE: We will only stay at HOF on the first three departures. On other departures (from July 11 to August 22) we will stay at TRADIR

Number of rooms: 8 twin rooms plus 2x fourbedded rooms
Number of beds: 24
Outdoor jacuzzi: No
Number of showers: 2
GSM connection : Yes but not good condition
WiFi: Yes
Made up beds: No
Number of WC: 3
Website Tradir