We are a horseback riding tour operator who has been offering horseback riding tours in Iceland for over 30 years. Our main goal is to offer our guests exceptional service, excellent horses and a safe ride in the Icelandic nature. The great number of returning visitors tell us that we are heading in the right direction! We also place great emphasis on sustainable tourism by offering adventurous riding tours in the unspoiled nature of our country.


Our operation is divided into two parts. Day tours and Multi-day tours. Day tours are operated from our Stables in Hafnarfjörður which is in the Reykjavík area about 15 minutes from city center in a beautiful nature of lava, lakes, and wilderness. The riding tours are for beginners up to experienced riders, ranging from 1-7 hour tours.Our multi-day tours are operated all over Iceland from local farmers. Our tours are ideal for riders who are looking to riding in Icelandic highlands, exploring Icelandic nature while riding and riding the Icelandic horse. We offer riding tours for experienced riders as well as riding tours for not so experienced riders.


Riding the Icelandic horse is the most authentic travel experience you can get and we look forward to giving you an opportunity to enjoy the Icelandic horse in its natural surroundingsOur experienced multilingual team members are happy to assist you in making your horse-riding dream tour come true.


GPS: Lat.: 64.043289 / Long.: -21.914219


With over 30 years of experience providing horse riding tours to both locals and visitors, Íshestar is proud to be the industry leader in the caretaking of horses in Iceland.

Over the years our staff has accumulated vast knowledge and respect for the Icelandic horse and every year we strive to provide our horses with healthier and more natural environment and care than before. Today Íshestar is the industry leader in Iceland when it comes to animal treatment and welfare and we actively work with MAST (Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority) improving our procedures and caretaking methods with the health and life quality of our horses in mind.

Our experience and collaboration with MAST and other leading veterinaries in Iceland prompted us to write and publish a handbook where our procedures are available to fellow horse riding tour operators as best-practice for optimal treatment for the Icelandic horse.

This involves active monitoring of both physical and psychological health of horses, resting periods and rides each horse has taken. Should a horse show any negative signs we immediately start addressing the issue with industry-leading procedures at all times.

Book your tour now and come see the stables and get to know us, our procedures and the Icelandic horse in action on your visit!

The report is available here in Icelandic. We are working on an English version for 2017.

Iceland horseback riding


Íshestar Riding Tours was founded in 1982 by three families. One of the founders is Einar Bollason who recently retired.

In 1992 and again in 1998 the company opened up for others to become shareholders. Several Icelandic travel agencies invested in the company and the construction of the Íshestar Stables in Hafnarfjörður began.

During the first years of operation, Íshestar offered mainly riding tours of 1 to 2 hours from Miðdalur Farm at Laugarvatn, a summer residence of the founders. In 1983 a ride along the highland trail Kjölur was operated for the first time, one year later the Golden Circle Tour was added. From 1990 new routes were added to the program and new farmers were made partners after operating as affiliates for a while. Today Íshestar offers riding holidays from all corners of the country and many of our partners have been with the company for more than 20 years.

Íshestar Horse Center in Hafnafjörður were opened in the year 2000 and enables Íshestar to operate a variety of day tours, training, and riding lessons both for experienced and for less experienced riders, all year long.

Email:  info@ishestar.is  Tel: +354-555-7000.

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