Ride the Icelandic horse
through Iceland's amazing nature

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1 - 5 hour riding tour in the Reykjavík or Geysir area

For beginners to experienced riders

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Horseback riding tours all over Iceland

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Íshestar is a leading horseback riding tour operator that has been
offering horseback riding tours in Iceland for over 30 years.

Our main goal is to offer you exceptional service and a chance to
ride the Icelandic horse through Iceland's amazing nature.



Characteristics of the Icelandic horse

The Icelandic horse is known for being a very friendly breed. They are very smart with big personalities. The horses are rather small and strong but please be aware of this: Do not call them ponies because they get really…

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Winter riding in Iceland

Horseback riding in winter is a completely different experience to riding during the warm summer months. Generally, in Iceland, we keep our horses out in the field from mid-summer until late December. The main reason for this is that Iceland…

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