How to take care of saddles and bridles?

Here in Iceland we usually ride on sandy riding paths or mud paths so the saddles can get really dirty after only one use. The best way to take care of your saddles and bridles is to wipe them clean after every use. But any leather has to be taken care of properly on regular basis to preserve the saddles strength and long lasting.

  • First, it is good to wash the saddle with soap suitable for leather, like a saddle soap. It is also good to use regular soap that is good for your skin if you don´t have saddle soap. Use a wet scrub or a wet sponge and dip it into a bucket with water and soap or use a spray mix and spray it on the saddle and scrub really well. It is important to clean the saddle well before you put a wax or an oil on the saddle. If there is any remains of dirt on the saddle it might help to use a toothbrush to get the rest of the dirt off.
  • Use a dry rag to wipe the saddle as dry as possible before applying the oil on. You can use any kind of vegetable oil on the saddle and we find it good to use the regular isio 4 oil. Apply some on your a clean rag or your sponge and rub your whole saddle with it. Let it dry over a night before putting on saddle wax on.
  • Do the same thing with your bridles and no worries if the oil get on the bits, it is only good for the horse and tastes good as well.
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